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Klerkskraal Dam   North West Province   public fishing rating

Klerkskraal Dam is a great fishing destination. You can catch bass, carp, kurper muddies and barble. The water is crystal clear and it is not always easy to catch fish.

There is however a few draw backs to this public dam and they are: No power boats are allowed, you may however use a boat with an electric / sneaker motor. There is no proper slipway to launch a boat, but you can get a boat into the dam as the ground is rocky and you wonít easily get stuck.

The dam is also not very accessible as it has reeds all the way around it with only 3 or 4 fishing spots which can be use for bank angling but boaters also have to use one spot to try and launch a boat. There is no entrance fee and as a result there is no security. In fact it can be quite dangerous; we have heard of cars been stolen, people been hijacked and held up - so be careful.

Once you overcome all these obstacles its worth fishing at this damÖ

Klerkskraal Dam is full of lillies, water grass and reeds...
Klerkskraal Dam, Photo taken February 2009 by Rads